The Push Notification Revolution 

 July 8, 2019

By  Getcha Mobile

By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones. 20% of those will be Windows phones. By 2015, tablet shipments will be 50% of laptop shipments.1

The average smartphone user has 65 apps installed on their mobile device.2  As the use of mobile apps rises your attendees push-notification-picwon’t ask about them, they’re expecting them. There are millions of events and meetings held each year, how does yours top the list? Mobility can get you there.

What’s the gain you ask? It’s about engaging with your attendees fans or customers. Not only do Mobile apps give your users an easier way to share their overall experience, allowing them to make your event more socially interactive. Mobile apps also give you the ability to send Push Notifications to your users even when they aren’t actively engaged. The notification will send them a message as an alert or banner. When they tap it to view, it will direct them back to the app for more information.

How would you like your mobile app users to be notified that their a.m. breakfast meeting they’re heading to has just been moved to a new location or that their credited program has been pushed back an hour? What about alerting fans which venue your band is playing tomorrow? You can also send quick push notifications on specials you’re having for the weekend. How does that increase your loyalty for your clients, customers, attendees or fans? How much is that worth to you? Push messages can provide a clear communication platform that your clients, customers, attendees and fans will value.

The Push Notification Revolution is the leader of mobile engagement. It’s time to make your meeting place the leader of all events.


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