What does the SmartPhone Usage Revolution Mean for your Business? 

 August 15, 2019

By  Getcha Mobile

The idea of Permission Marketing isn’t new. Marketing guru, Seth Godin, popularized the idea back in the late 90’s. Since then we’ve seen the rise of the Internet and Social Media further prove that asking permission is an extremely effective way of building a relationship with your target market. Now we are in a new era of technology that takes this concept to an even more personal and lucrative level.

Smartphones are the permission marketer’s dream! Your business can literally go everywhere with your target market. Mobility might help an email campaign be more accessible, but the real opportunity is through mobile applications. Mobile Apps allow your brand and business to become personally integrated with the users daily life.

By downloading your app, you are giving the user control over the channel of communication. They can give you permission to interrupt their text message with a  reminder about their next appointment, or they’ll let you track their scans in the store to receive a discount.  The data you can collect from your users can help improve your overall marketing strategy based on their usage.

The Smartphone Usage Revolution Infographic


The right mobile marketing app can help these statistics strengthen your brand’s relationship with the target market.

Let us know what kind of relationship are you trying to build?


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