BOOM! Here Comes The Mobile Explosion! 

 September 12, 2019

By  Getcha Mobile

mobile.revolutionYou see it everywhere, the subway, on the street, in restaurants… someone on their mobile device, whether its a smartphone or tablet, the mobile world is growing rapidly. In fact, it’s impossible for everyone to keep up with the constant changes in technology. For every day heading to work human, this really doesn’t have any great side effect. However, for the mobile developer, this means war! War on keeping up with the changes to not only devices, but the languages, syntax, and other functionality that helps these devices do everything from place a simple phone call, to find your sushi dinner in the middle of downtown Sydney and order it before you arrive.

“In the next 10 years we will witness more changes than during the past 100 years”


What does this mean for you- the mobile developer?

Well, it means you best stay as up to date and educated on the new and rising mobile developments as you can Bucko! As a roimobile developer, it’s extremely important that you stay ahead of the game. New technologies mean new languages, practices, and syntax among other things. New technology means research, and even more research for you; the mobile developer. With that said, you must have the research tools at your fingertips to keep up with the pace with the ever-growing mobile world.

As a mobile developer, do not be afraid to jump right into research starting with the very basic of practices that you know, but need to expand on. Developers have a number of tools available to them, one of the most powerful being the Internet. You can find anything from common practices of coding, tutorials, and eBooks. The information is out there, make sure you jump on it!

What does this mean for you- the small business owner?

You are also in luck Mr. Small Business Owner! Since mobile applications (and the mobile world in general) are exploding, there is pretty much a mobile application for anything, and someone out there knows what you want and need. Want to keep your inventory at your fingertips? No problem. Want to allow your customers to place an order of their favorite pizza over the Internet using their mobile device? No problem pizzan!

As a small business owner, taking advantage of every advertising opportunity is a huge deal to get your name out there. Making your customers experience an easy and carefree as possible is a big part of your job as a business owner too. Just imagine, having a mobile app that lets the user browse your inventory and store and eventually make a purchase without even having to leave their couch. That my friend, could boost your business a ton! Can you say as a business owner, “I’m never leaving money on the table again”?

What does this mean for you-the marketer?

Woohoo! JOB SECURITY! As long as there is a demand for mobile applications and mobile technology, there will also be a demand for
hiringpeople to get out there to sell it and help people test it out. So, that being said, you have the ability to become the “head honcho” of sorts in the mobile marketing world. Just think, one successful campaign out on the road “selling” mobile apps for a chain of restaurants like Chuck-e-Cheese could put you on the map as the worlds “most desirable marketer”.

Just keep yourself up to date on mobile marketing techniques,  what people want, what is good and what is not, and you’ll go places. As long as someone develops it, someone has to market and sell it. No boring infomercials needed, just an out-going marketer to spice up the delivery and BAM! IT’S SOLD!


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