A Demand for Mobile Applications 

 October 14, 2019

By  Getcha Mobile

Mobile technology is bursting at the seams with it growing astronomically, mobile users literally have thousands of applications at their fingertips. A device, be it Apple or Android can do things for a user that just aren’t possible with the pen and paper. With this technology, the mobile device world is becoming more advanced by the minutes, and it’s showing no signs of slowing.  Along with all this advancement comes trends. Trends in applications, devices, usage, you name it. The mobile “world” trends will affect everyone from the simple cell phone “I only use it in emergencies” user to the “I work from home… on my mobile device” user. While those users that use their phone for simple interactions such as making a call or sending a text message might not see the trends affect him or her so much, for business owners it makes a huge difference. Recently, mobile phone devices have been starting to roll out into the market with a larger screen size than that of its predecessors. That is great for any user, but to the “business” user, this means more room to capitalize on and an easier work or marketing experience. A larger screen means more available at once to the user, allowing for faster work time and perhaps more free time!

Several trends are predicted to roll out in 2013, (keep in mind this is only last year) and according to eweek.com here are 10 that are definitely sure to help out the business user and their work life:

  1. Bigger Screens
  2. 4G LTE Service
  3. Android Everywhere
  4. NFC- Near Field Communication
  5. Slim and Light devices
  6. Bigger Tablets
  7. Better Tablet Covers
  8. Better smaller Tablets
  9. Heavy Investment in UltraBooks
  10. Business Focus

10 Mobile Technology Trends Sure to Impact Your Work Life In 2013

Along with mobile “trends”, comes new applications. Lately, it seems that there REALLY is an application for everything. With the mobile world exploding in the recent years, there is a high demand for applications with people to develop them. According to Computer Training Centers

“The demand for skilled & talented mobile application developers still far exceeds the supply”

The demands for developers are so high, that in the next 10 years, an estimated 300,000 jobs will need to be filled to develop mobile applications. That’s an increase of 32%! The mobile world is becoming so popular with users, that it is “heralding one of the decade’s largest increases for any occupation (IT or otherwise)”.

top 8 mobile operating systems in the united states from april 2010 to march 2013


Several hundred thousand applications are available in both the Apple App Store, and the Google Play store. Each one of those applications needs to have a developer, if not a group of developers to design, build, and execute the application and market it for success. Could you be the next mobile application developer? Could you be the next business owner who would not need to know programming knowledge to build a functional mobile app for your company?


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