6 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Right for Your Business 

 February 22, 2020

By  Getcha Mobile

Are mobile applications right for your business?

To answer this question, you might think you need to hire a professional developer to evaluate your business, your goals and your budget. 

To no surprise, a professional will likely draft a wildly aggressive digital strategy involving an expensive and time-consuming proposal and will then build a mobile application for your business.

Furthermore, they will necessitate long waiting periods when your app requires changes, prolonging the process.

However, hiring a professional may not be the answer. Have you considered a mobile app solution that didn’t involve hiring a developer?

I know, you may be thinking… a solution like that doesn’t exist. But what if I told you, there is a cheaper and easier solution to resolving your app requirements.  

The answer:

Third-party app companies and customizable apps. Solutions through third-party mobile app companies have been around for a while and are servicing more business owners every day.

Third-party mobile apps are built by the development company, branded and sold to a business under their brand name.

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I understand that marketing fads come and go and there is no simple solution to any of today’s marketing setbacks.  However, this type of marketing solution is tried and true.

Customizable Mobile Apps Are Becoming One Of The Most Practical Business Solutions For Local And Small Businesses In The 21st Century, And Here Are 6 Reasons Why:

Reason #1:

No Skills or Experience Needed

Through a third-party mobile app solution, mobile apps can be built without any prior knowledge or skills of the technology.

There's no need to take an online course in lieu of marketing strategies nor is there a need to speak to a digital advisor about business advertising. 

You only need to know the general knowledge and needs of your business to create a successful mobile app. Depending on your desired level of involvement, we make it easy for you, the user, to choose from “Do It Yourself” or “Do It for Me” options.

Building and customizing your mobile app is as easy as creating your perfect sandwich. With over 40 features and functions to utilize, your mobile app can be completely custom-built based on all of your preferences.

Reason #2:

Effortless Branding

Creating a mobile app can be challenging from a branding perspective given that your logo, message, design and value must be communicated consistently throughout your website and storefront.

The same challenge arises when branding through a mobile app. Mobile apps such as the apps we help you with are made specifically for businesses with these challenges in mind because they can integrate all your designs and logos into one manageable interface.

Whether you are branding or rebranding your business, this complicated process has been made to be fool-proof for anyone use.

Reason #3

Budget Friendly

The stigma around mobile apps is that they are costly to develop and manage. However, with the rise of third-party mobile app developers, there is a noticeable decrease in marketing costs.

Unlike most marketing tactics, you don’t need a lump sum of money to invest into a mobile app for your business.

Apps are more affordable than a newspaper Ad and provides a promising return on investment for any business.  For a relatively small investment, you can take your company to the mobile app realm.

Reason #4

High Mobile Demand

Providing mobile apps is unquestionably a rewarding business marketing strategy. While big organizations have, for a number of years, capitalized on the rise of the mobile revolution, small businesses need guidance in our increasingly mobile-oriented world.

Mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage since the inception of the smartphone. On average, users spend 69% of their media time on smartphones. This equates to roughly more than five hours a day for the average person.

You may think this is simply a craze, but the trends are not regressing. Younger generations are moving to mobile-first, or even mobile-only, behavior.

According to comScore, the average time spent per user with digital media on mobile in US daily in 2017 was 2.3 hours. Millennials are using mobile devices to complete a wider variety of tasks with each new mobile app introduced into the market.

With an industry that is growing at an exponential rate, big businesses recognized that capturing this share of the average user’s time and attention is crucial to retaining their overall brand awareness and relevancy amongst customers.

Small and local businesses are now catching on to this trend, which is why the importance of mobile apps in their marketing strategies is only increasing.

Reason #5:


While hiring a developer to implement a custom mobile solution may seem to be the best option in the beginning, you may quickly discover that the effort it takes to update and implement changes in your mobile app takes weeks, if not months to complete.

This holdup often derails internal business processes and relevancy in your content is lost. The time it takes to design, architect, build, test and implement a mobile app into your marketing solution through a developer is time most small businesses cannot afford.

For these types of businesses requiring faster deployment, taking shortcuts in any of these steps can cause even bigger problems and often work against overall goals. Since time is of the essence, investing in a one-stop-shop mobile app solution is a smarter choice.

Reason #6:

Happy Customers

With every need that seeks to be fulfilled, an application follows.  The creation of applications that service these needs at the convenience of a mobile device is one of the foremost reasons for the success of mobile apps.

Let me explain.

Your customers have an end goal. By creating a mobile app that helps them achieve their goals, you provide a convenient path to reaching it.

Take a restaurant owner for example.

They must compete with other local restaurants in their area by providing value through an enticing dining experience.

They also must implement a restaurant marketing strategy that engages regulars and new customers into dining at their restaurant.

The end goal may be to serve their customers a meal, but other needs must also be addressed.

Where is the restaurant?  How can customers contact to make a reservation? Is there online food ordering? 

Can customers share and view photos of favorite meals or happy hour deals?  You might think these needs cannot all be considered at once. As a matter of fact- they can!

A mobile app for your business can provide exactly what your customers need. 

A mobile app solution that creates customizable features like ‘contact us’ widgets, image galleries, online food ordering and more.

These features will not only increase your relevance among your clientele but will also exceed their expectations. By going the extra mile, you will be able to stand out and meet your customer's needs a lot quicker than competitors who use standard or more traditional marketing methods.

With a tried-and-true solution like mobile apps, you are guaranteed to meet of your customers’ needs and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Your customers have an end goal. By creating a mobile app that helps them achieve their goals, you provide a convenient path to reaching it.

So Here's The Wrap Up

Are Mobile Apps Right for Your Business? Simply put – Yes!

Regardless of whether you’re a real estate company or local gym, it is easier than ever to create a personalized app through development companies that focus specifically on creating an end-to-end solution that meets the needs of your business.

The benefits of using mobile apps are becoming more practical for small and local businesses to use as they become more mainstream in today’s technological landscape.

  • With no technical expertise, business owners can package a plethora of tools into their mobile apps with ease. 
  • Unnecessary branding headaches are a worry of the past due to high-tech integration made accessible to everyone.  
  • Costly integration is now financially reasonable.
  • Mobile apps are dominating our attention and show no signs of slowing down.
  • Quicker mobile app solutions save time, so owners and marketers can focus on the quality of their marketing strategies.
  • Multiple customer needs can be fulfilled through the increasing capabilities of mobile apps and the features that they offer.

Gym owners can now create gym apps. Real estate companies can now create real estate apps. Irrespective of the industry or type of business, you can create a mobile app that works for your goals

With the boundless advantages of using mobile apps for your business, you can become the chef in your mobile app kitchen, to make something that dynamically engages your customers and exceeds their expectations and overall works for your marketing targets and goals.


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