9 Facts About Mobile Apps You Need to Know for Your Business 

 March 5, 2020

By  Getcha Mobile

Since the dawn of the smartphone, the creation and implementation of mobile applications has become increasingly vital to the modern-day business.

As more businesses come to realize that mobile applications are the most rampant solution to increasing sales, revenue and to upsurge customer growth, the businesses who do not comply with the new ways of marketing fall behind and become less relevant, ultimately leading to one’s business to plummet.

It is important to remain current with society to ensure that your business can stay competitive amongst other thriving businesses who are implementing current and future marketing tactics. 

With society constantly consumed by their smartphones, more than ever before, small and large businesses alike realize that connecting with their customers and consumers starts with and is more effective through mobile devices.

Many businesses are making the transition to comply with the digital age that we are living in today.  You are not alone in these technological changes.

To really understand why mobile devices and applications are becoming the most relevant marketing focus for businesses and organizations today, we must understand the facts.

Here are 9 facts and what they tell us:

More than half of all internet traffic did not come from a home device.  Whether someone wants to find a specific website, new information, or a place to buy a product, they are most likely already on the go with their mobile device in hand.
  1. 1

    If you’re still trying to build awareness for your brand or business through paper ads or more traditional marketing methods, you may be missing out. Think about it.
  2. 2
    75% of Americans say they use their smartphones most often to check email – Fluent “The Inbox report, Consumer perceptions of email” (2018).

    Some emails can’t wait until the end of the day when we get home and fire up our personal computers. 
    Despite the persistent spam mail we receive in our inboxes, successful businesses understand that their customers continue to check their emails for last minute updates, sales and information. 

    Therefore, using a dynamic app marketing platform that pushes information like email to your customers is the direction all businesses should be leading towards. Push notifications eliminates the interruption, without the spammy email messages you get in your inbox.
  3. 3
    On average, smartphone users access 9 different mobile apps per day and 30 different mobile apps monthly (App Annie)

    I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “Don't put all your eggs in one basket”.  With this marketing tactic, it is recommended to disregard this advice and throw all your eggs in, because this approach will lead you to outshine your competition.

    It’s no longer enough to pick a mobile app at random, to invest your marketing dollars into.

    Mobile users are finding new apps everyday to meet a variety of needs. From restaurant apps to gym apps, there seems to be a local business app for everything.

    So, If Your Customers Are Spreading Their Attention Around The App Store, Why Shouldn’t You? Be Dynamic To Match The Actions Of Your Targeted Customers.

  1. 4
    Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. (Smart Insights)

    The above statistic shows that mobile internet browsers are becoming a thing of the past. Now, there’s usually an app for that!

    Why miss out on the 90% share mobile apps occupy in media time usage?  You should not squander the opportunity.

    Apply the same effort you put into your organization’s website into other mobile apps your target customer demographic is using.
  2. 5
    There are 2.1 million apps available in the Google Play Store as of Q3 2018. (Statista)

    The jungle of mobile apps is increasingly becoming harder to navigate through. The Google Play Store is a perfect example of the app clutter.Advice – Don’t spread your marketing strategy out too thin.

    As a business owner or professional, you don’t have the time to research every detail regarding successful mobile apps.

    Figure out who your customers really are and focus your organization’s marketing efforts on the top 10- 20 mobile apps that they are most likely to use.
  3. 6
    51% of customers say that they use mobile devices to discover new brands and products (BrightEdge, 2017)

    We have all been to a mall, flee market, or exposition. You’re walking from place to place and every associate you talk to wants to share a new product or idea.

    Much like the chaos of malls, as on-the-go professionals, we don’t have time to stop and do our own research.  We save this task for the in-between moments when filling up at the gas station, waiting for transportation, or the awkward elevator ride.

    Make yourself discoverable by using apps to market your local business.
  4. 7
    80% of business-to-business consumers and executives are using mobile devices to research products or services. (Boston Consulting Group, 2017)

    Even though the previous fact highlights the benefits of business to consumer (B2C) marketing on mobile devices, the success of business to business (B2B) marketing relies even heavier upon the visibility of a business on a mobile device.

    Owners, CEO’s, presidents, and office managers alike can’t always get back to their office to research a new brand that was just pitched to them. Sometimes their whole day is conducted from endless meetings.

    Like any successful person, they use the limited time they have to complete tasks. Today, these tasks are done through the mobile apps available at their fingertips.

  5. 8
    Nearly 2/3 of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location. (Google, 2017)

    Famous American businessman, Ray Kroc, once said, "The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it".

    Small and local business apps that curate the user experience to their customer’s location follows this same principle.

    As consumers, we like to feel that our specific time and place is unique. If your business can recreate this feeling within your own clientele, you will see greater success in your marketing effort.

    So how do we do this?Let’s say you’re a fitness company with local gym marketing needs. You’ll need to find out what makes people in your area different from the rest.Local jargon? Unique points of interest? Interesting customs or traditions?

    As a gym owner, incorporate these things into your content and you will see more engagement from your local community.

  6. 9
    80% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies with mobile sites or apps that help them easily answer their questions. (Google, 2018)

    The concept of a one-stop-shop has been the driver for many successful 21st century large and small businesses.

    Tackling one need of your consumer may not be enough to get them to walk through your door or purchase a product online.

    Before we buy or hire, we have questions. We like to get answers, but not to be sold.

    So, before you deliver your value statement, listen to the questions and needs of your customers to find out what information they usually need before pulling the trigger.

    If you can attract your customers with reliable and trustworthy information, your products or services are already halfway sold.

Key Takeaways

  • Convenience is king.
  • Push notes like email without spammy messages
  • Mobile apps are amongst a sea of many apps.
  • App diversity delivers.
  • Websites won’t win all customer attention or business.
  • Discoverability is demanded on mobile.
  • Businesses bypass burdens by browsing on mobile.
  • Location lures local love.
  • Curious customers are inspired by insightful information.


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