All About Gym Apps – 8 Ways to Brand Your Gym Through Smartphones 

 April 5, 2020

By  Getcha Mobile

Let’s face it, we are living in a world where the two most important aspects of our lives are our smartphones and our fitness. Gym culture is massive and it continues to be the weekly leading trend on all social media platforms.

Being fit and posting about it on every social platform is the average millennial’s priority, amongst all other demographics.  We know the demand for gyms are high, but trying to find additional clientele to join your gym can be difficult.

This is where you come in to the equation – you are a gym owner and you are the at the center of where everyone wants and needs to be to fulfil their fitness goals.

However, you have A LOT of competition. There is a gym around every corner, whether it be big chain gyms such as Goodlife or Lifetime, or if you are a smaller privately-owned gym. You are swimming in a sea of gyms.  

 You need to cater to your #fitnessjunkies in ways that other gyms have yet to accomplish. You need to connect with your #gymsquad and create a community with your #fitnessfamily.

Understand your clients’ wants and needs and the app creation will easily follow Now, we know that you have a lot on your plate. You are running a constantly busy and thriving business.

You do not have a lot of time to think of everything you need to accomplish in a day because your hours are filled with pressing tasks, while attempting to maintain personal relationships with your coworkers, clients and trying to keep up with your own fitness. 

With a personalized mobile gym app, both your time to make those connections and time for your personal betterment will significantly increase. Take away the majority of your daily stresses by implementing something so simple as an app!

Understand your clients’ wants and needs and the app creation will easily follow.

4 Steps to the Gym Owners Path to Success

To be a successful gym owner, you have to remember 4 key elements:


Successful gym owners engage with their cliens and potential customers. Anyone who is looking for a gym membership, wants to interact and learn something of value to ensure that they are choosing the right fitness center for their health specific goals.  The more you are connected with people, the more you are able to understand what they want out of your services.  With the use of an app, you will be able to get more of an advanced insight on what your clients want from your gym.  Having valuable features on your app will ensure that people will keep using it.  Make sure to use your app features to keep customers engaged with your brand; showcase your events, promotions, specials and classes.  


Engagement with your app and website alone will not equate to a successfully owned gym – you’ve got to convert as many gym-goers as you can.  Try increasing your branding with merchandise through an in-app marketplace and showcase the merchandise in your gym.  You have full control over the design of your gym attire (sweaters, tanks, tees, shorts), on brand water bottles/shakers and on-brand gym accessories. Turn your brand into a fashion trend.  People love to shop, so what better way to draw more attention to your gym by giving your clients the chance to rep your store with clothing and accessories. Having an in-app marketplace will also work to drive and increase sales effortlessly. 


It can be pricey paying for multiple marketing tactics to attempt to generate new clients.  Which is why brand advocates are so important to any business.  Allow your current clients to advocate for your gym by prompting them to review your services, coaches, location, merchandise and overall gym experience through the in-app review feature.  Positive reviews will heighten your online reputation and get your gym to the top search results. If there are negative reviews, use these as free tips to enhance your client’s gym experience and nip any issues in the bud.   


Going to the gym is a daunting task for many individuals.  Introducing a rewards system through your app will act as a motivating tactic to get those individuals who are in need of an extra push, to come back each day. Eliminate paper stamp cards and use a mobile rewards system to offer those loyal members various rewards such as special discounts and promotions.  Customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty, and those rewards in turn make them more loyal to your business.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the abundance of fitness centers?

You need a personalized gym app for your boutique gym or fitness center.

8 Key Gym App Features 

With Getcha App, here’s how you will get started with your new personalized gym app. We have mapped out specific app features that will ensure the success and usage of your gym app for gym coaches and busy professionals:


Use the built-in booking system to allow clients to reserve a specific service such as a personal training session, nutrition class or spin class.  Give them this stress free-option to workout. If they know they have a guaranteed spot in their favourite class with their preferred personal trainer, they are more inclined to come.


Reward gym-goers for their loyalty by allowing them to collect mobile stamps to redeem rewards such as a free personal training session or branding swag. Having a loyalty rewards system will be sure to keep clients coming back and gain new ones.


Showcase the best photos of your establishment and services in the image gallery. Show off your equipment, your classes, your loyal clients and your fitness staff. Having images brings your gym to life and allows potential users to have a virtual tour, making them more inclined to visit and join your facility. 


Use the in-app event calendar to display and promote your gym class schedules, special promotion days, customer appreciation days and free personal training sessions. This will ensure guest attendance.


Send push notifications to remind clients about specials and important information e.g. extra classes or fitness challenges.


Prompt app users to review your gym, allowing you to take control of your online reputation and boost your SEO ranking.  Reviews work as an effortless marketing tactic which can be extremely beneficial to your reputation. Everyone looks at reviews online these days. The more positive reviews, the more gym lead generation you will bestow upon your location.


Gather member information and create an email list to easily communicate special deals and new services. This will save you the time of having to send out individual emails.


Use an email form to foster customer engagement by allowing them to send in questions and suggestions. Rather than a suggestion box, having this app feature will allow you to quickly see what your clients are asking and suggesting so that you can make prompt changes and answer questions quickly.

Other app features that you may choose to include:

Around Us:

Draw attention to hotspots in the area using app – showcase fitness and health stores where members can get discounts on their supplements with a valid membership at your gym.

Call us:

Call with one tap in the app.

Email Signature:

Let users quickly and securely sign documents within your app, saving time, paper and money.

Fan Wall:

Allow users to connect over their shared adoration for your gym. Users are able to comment, ask questions, share progress photos and discuss with other users about nutrition and fitness.


Insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular webpage.

Youtube Channel:

Link your YouTube channel to your app to display your online gym lessons, tip and tricks and health and nutrition videos.

Gym App Benefits 

Attempting to market your gym can be difficult. Where does one begin with marketing and how does one attain lead generation? It’s not easy. But with a gym app, you can make gym marketing simple which in turn will increase your leads, ultimately increasing your clients, sales and popularity within the fitness world.

Here are the benefits to integrating an app within your gym walls…

  • With your new gym app, you will be able to cut costs and time so that you have the chance to connect with your fitness enthusiast community and really get to know your clients.
  • Being busy is a part of the gym owner role, but incorporating an app into your daily routine will be your solution to not having to think of everything yourself – allow this app to help think for you and to help you with your tasks.
  • Personalize the digital experience by marketing through your app. This will allow you to monitor your client’s app usage and to better connect with them.
  • Understand what your gym family needs from your app in regards to communication, notifications, services and features. Having this personal information will better their app experience and will lessen your life stresses.
  • Make your operations seamless by augmenting the gym experience through a personalized app.
  • Market in a smarter, paperless, cost and time saving manner. Marketing through mobile devices is the now and the future.

Key Takeaways


Smartphone usage is only growing, and the mobile audience continues to thrive. Every demographic is shifting towards mobile devices, so why not market through the most widespread medium?


Stay ahead of competing gyms in your area, make yourself known, get yourself into the mobile platform, into people’s phones and get them to be loyal to what you have to offer.


Be a leader in the gym and in the world of apps.


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