All About Real Estate Apps – 8 Ways to Brand Yourself and Your Services 

 May 15, 2020

By  Getcha Mobile

We all know the harsh truth – the real estate world is extremely competitive – it’s a dog eat dog world, every salesperson for themselves.  So, the question stands, how do you make a name for yourself, outshine and outsell the hundreds of real estate agents in your area?

Since you are working solely off of a commission-based salary, you need to maintain and attempt to constantly upsurge your clientele. You need to build your own business and marketing strategies by offering something that the competition cannot. You need to be the best to make your sales and to boost your rapport. You need to be trustworthy.  You need to have an unbeatable connection with your loyal clients to show that you are the real estate agent to trust and the one to buy property from.

The solution to be able to attract clients, be the top seller and preserve long-term client loyalty is simple – a personalized real estate app.

colourful-roof-tops-in-blue-clear-skyBeing a real estate agent means that you are constantly on the go, whether it be showings with clients, self-promotion, racking the housing market, phone calls with existing and potential buyers, keeping up with social media accounts– needless to say, you are busy.  You need all the time you can get to be able to do as many showings as possible to ensure that you are meeting and exceeding your quarterly quotas.

With a personalized smartphone app, you will be able to make the time that you need for the most important aspects of your career, while having some free time for yourself.  Allow your new personalized real estate app to handle your calendar management, client database, contact management, email marketing, lead management, listing management and property database whilst keeping your clients informed with all of the important information they need, alongside notifications of upcoming events that they would regret missing!


App Features Built for Real Estate

With an App, here’s how you will get started with your new personalized real estate app. We have mapped out specific app features that will ensure the success and usage of your app for your personal marketing and sales benefits:

Around Us:

Show potential buyers what neighborhoods you are showcasing have to offer by presenting schools, restaurants and parks in the areas.  This will give the buyer the chance to get to know the area they are thinking of investing in and will answer many of their questions prior to the showing of the property.  This will allow the buyer to feel at ease for they will have easy access to information that may be difficult to find otherwise. This feature is especially important for families as they will be able to envision their lives in a home near their child’s school, nearby parks for the kids to play at, dog parks and family favourite restaurants.


Include reference materials like documents on the escrow and closing processes, to educate users.  This will allow potential buyers to read through documents at their own leisure, straight from their smartphones. Having the opportunity to truly understand the lengthy documents and closing processes before signing the papers.  This will save you the time of having to go over every detail with the buyer in person. Get right to business in a timely manner.


Use the in-app event calendar to promote your events, such as open houses and broker caravans. Showcasing your events through the app will prompt your clientele to be present.  This will increase attendance at your events and will bring in more buyers.  A well-informed client and properly promoted events can only lead to more business and sales.  This will reduce the number of cold-calls you are making, makes information more easily accessible and is less intrusive for your clients.


Send push notification to instantly notify clients about new listings and off-market properties.  Give your users the chance to sign up for push notifications so that they never miss an event, an open house, a new listing in the area they are considering and any important information.  This will save you the time of sending out individual emails.

Tell A Friend:

Allow users to share the app with just a few clicks, so they can easily make real estate referrals to friends and family.  This feature is key for the promotion of your personal brand and will save you on cost and time.

Referral Programs:

This is an effective way to get your name out there, to freely market yourself and to constantly gain potential buyers. Everyone knows someone who is looking to purchase property, so get your loyal clients to refer you and your excellent customer service!

Real Estate Tab:

Showcase properties that you are renting or selling by importing listings via CSV file or IDX integration.  This will give your buyers the opportunity to do some research on the available properties in simple and easily readable file formats.

Info Tab:

Feature all you contractor referrals on the info tab, including roofers, engineers and plumbers. Proving this information will save you time on answering the tedious client questions in regard to the builders and contractors of their purchased property.


Integrate specific web pages to collect reviews on Zillow, and Redfin.  Your online presence is important. Attaining client reviews will allow you to take control of your online reputation and will work to boost your SEO ranking.  Reviews work as an effortless marketing tactic which can be extremely beneficial to your reputation. The more positive reviews, the better your lead generation for real estate becomes.

With your app you will be able to easily break down; location, pricing, affordability, amenities, and specify the type of housing to allow for potential buyers to have the logistics and the necessary information that they require.  Choosing to own property is a big deal for anyone as it is the largest investment one can make.  Why not make things simple by incorporating an app into your real estate business?  Getcha App offers various in-app features that you may choose to include in your personalized app to ensure you are satisfied with your real estate app.

So how do you make yourself stand out from real estate agents and brokers?

You need a personalized Real Estate Agent app for your Customers.

The Benefits of a Real Estate App

Attempting to market your real estate services can be daunting, as it takes a lot of effort, self-promotion, marketing skills and referrals. Real estate lead generation is not easy. But with a personalized real estate app, you can make self-marketing simple.  Your app will work to increase your leads, your clients, your sales and your reputation amongst other agents.

Here are the benefits of integrating an app for your real estate business…

With your new app, you will be able to cut costs and time so that you have the opportunity to show more properties to more buyers. You will be able to better connect with your clientele and truly understand their wants, needs and property desires. Being busy is the inevitable reality of a real estate agent. However, incorporating an app into your daily routine will be your solution to not having to think of everything yourself – allow this app to be the brains of your business and to decrease your daily tasks.

  • Personalize the digital experience by marketing through your app.  This will allow you to monitor your client’s app usage and to better connect with them. 
  • Understand what properties and areas your potential buyers are looking at.  You will be able to gauge buyers through your app and make your operation seamless.
  • Market in a smarter, paperless, cost and time-saving manner. Marketing through smartphones is the most ergonomically sound way to manage a real estate business. 
  • Smartphones are increasing in popularity every day as the mobile audience continues to thrive. Most demographic is shifting towards mobile devices, so why not market through the most widespread medium?
  • Stay ahead of competing real estate agents in your area, make yourself known, get yourself into the mobile platform, into people’s phones and get them to be loyal to what you have to offer. 
  •  Be the go-to, highest-rated, most-informed and ahead-of-the-game agent on the playing field.


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